Get Up To 4x More High Converting
Search Traffic
With Q&A

Shopper Approved Q&A turns your customer’s product-related questions into valuable SEO content that Google uses
to funnel laser-targeted traffic - with a high purchase intent - directly to your website and product pages.

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4x more high converting search traffic with Q&A

Sustained Organic Traffic Average Monthly Growth Rate of 19.7% (Actual Results)

Dominate Search Results

Content is king when it comes to SEO, and our Q&A solution was engineered specifically to generate the most
useful, high-converting, and SEO friendly content that both your shoppers and Google are looking for, and then
optimizing that content for maximum search engine indexability and visibility for high-intent product search
queries. The more questions and answers you generate, the more you improve your traffic.

Increase Your Customer
Lifetime Value Up To 2x

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is naturally increased when your website uses Q&A effectively and becomes the authoritative source for quality product information.

When customers come back to your site for timely and accurate answers to their product questions, they will buy again and again, giving you up to a 2x increase in CLV.

2x increase Customer Lifetime Value With Q&A
RVUpgrades generates 75% order increase with Q&A

Turn Up To 75% Of Customer Questions Into Actual Sales

Not only does Q&A help you create a constant stream of high-quality, free, organic traffic flowing directly to your product pages, but it also predisposes visitors to buy, based either on your answer to their question, or your answer to a previous customer's question, which means that your sales will also increase. In fact, up to 75% of visitors who get an answer to their product question via Shopper Approved Q&A, end up buying.

Eliminate Duplicate Tickets And
Reduce Support By Up To 60%

Every time you, your existing customers, or your support team answers a question in Q&A, it creates less work for support in the future, because new potential customers can simply look up the answer right on the product page before they buy.

By answering each question once, and making your answers easy to see on your product pages, every future customer directly benefits by getting immediate resolution when they have the same question, leading to happier customers and more sales. As your number of answers increase, your support needs decrease by as much as 60%.

Q&A reduces support costs by 60%
Here's How Shopper Approved

Q&A Works

Customers Visit Your
Website's Product Pages

At the top of the each page, they can see how many questions have been answered, along with the ability to ask a question of their own.

This helps to engage the customer, while also showing them that you are actively involved in answering product questions.

Shopper approved Q&A can be displayed with reviews on website
Website Product Page
Q&A can be displayed on website product pages
Q&A on Your Product Page

Customers Ask Questions,
You Provide Answers

On each product page, there is a Q&A section, where potential customers can read all of the previously asked questions regarding a product, along with any answers provided, to help them make a better informed decision.

Your Answers Are Optimized To
Help Them Show Up As Featured Snippets In Google

Shopper Approved Q&A is optimized to show up in Google Featured Snippets, so the more questions you answer, the more likely your responses will be displayed in Google, pointing back to your product page.

Shopper Approved Q&A  - Search Engine Featured Snippet
Featured Snippet in Google Search Results
Shopper Approved Q&A  - Organic Search Results
Improve Organic Search Results

Your Answers Also Show Up As
Organic Search Results In Google

In addition to Featured Snippets, every answer is also search engine optimized to display in organic search listings whenever a potential customer searches for an answer to that particular question.

Shopper Approved Q&A  - Benefits
Shopper Approved Q&A  - Official Shopper Approved Q&A Logo

Shopper Approved Q&A Is The
Most Powerful Q&A System Online

At Shopper Approved, our mission is to always provide you with the best solutions to get you the best results, which is why we’ve joined forces with Answerbase, the most trusted and powerful Q&A platform in the world, to power our Q&A system. The reality is that Shopper Approved Q&A powered by Answerbase is specifically designed to maximize both your on-site and off-site results - all in an effort to improve the effectiveness of your product pages, so that more customers will trust you and buy from you.

Do I Need Q&A If I Have

Product Reviews?

Shopper Approved Q&A  - Product Review + Q&A

Yes! Product Reviews and Q&A are like Batman and Robin - they create a dynamic team - especially when they’re both displayed on your website’s product pages. Q&A helps to answer specific questions that customers have about your products or services, and Product Reviews provide the social proof that customers need to feel confident in their purchase.

Plus, when you combine Q&A and Product Reviews together, you effectively double the amount of unique User-Generated Content (UGC) that is continually being added to your product pages, which has a direct, positive effect on your on-page SEO.

Shopper Approved Q&A  - 2x more user generated content & Increased traffic and Sales

The Bottom Line

Just imagine what up to 4x more organic, qualified traffic can do for your business, and how many more sales that much targeted traffic can bring, in addition to slashing your support tickets by up to 60%, while reducing return rates, and improving conversion rates and future product reviews. That’s what Shopper Approved Q&A can do for you.

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